Hex Girls

Rough and Tumble Rock from Cedar Falls, IA


Genre: Rock and Roll / Proto-punk

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Label: Independent

The album has a unique sound, but one that is grounded in classic rock and punk. It’s an edgy, nervous and anthemic blend with bits of glam, no wave and vintage rock with a fair share of disaffected punk attitude.
— Michael Roeder, Little Village Magazine

Biography: Hex Girls are a 4-piece rough and tumble rock band from Cedar Falls, Iowa. They sound like Iggy Pop and the Arctic Monkeys bathed in PBR.

Hex Girls was conceived by brothers John and Nick Fisher along with Charlie “Chuck” Patterson, as a rock-roll antidote to the monotonous hum of their humble hometown, Mechanicsville, Iowa. The trio moved to Cedar Falls and teamed up with producer and drummer Ross Klemz, who joined Hex Girls in 2017.

Their debut album, “More of That,” is a 9-song barnstormer opening with hard-hitting “God Can’t Count,” and closing with up-tempo single “Bite Outta Life.” Among the songs bridging these numbers are “City of Rain” — a Spoon-inspired track featuring a spoken-word meditation that borders on baptist sermon — and “Highway Gardens,” an ode to time travel and sex in the parking lot of a 1950’s dance hall, told through a pastiche of T. Rex and the Rolling Stones.

‘More of That’ was released digitally on September 1, 2018, and on vinyl on December 31, 2018. It is available for streaming on all digital platforms. Plans are underway for another summer tour in 2019. Hex Girls will kick off their summer dates as part of the official 80/35 2019 lineup, performing on the Nationwide Stage on Friday, July 12.

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City of Rain: Official Music Video


Debut LP: More of That

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