River Cities' Reader Reviews Hex Girls' debut LP 'More of That'

Thanks to Max Allison at River Cities’ Reader for reviewing our album, ‘More of That,’ and highlighting our July 30 show at Raccoon Motel in Davenport with Rookie and Elly h. & the sexi bois.

Clearly a post-internet combinatory aesthetic motivates Hex Girls to cram various influences from across the 20th Century into tightly packed rock songs, each of which channels a different era and style. Taken as a whole, the band’s album spreads out before the listeners like a kind of rock menu, with recognizable tropes popping out in succession and falling back into the mist. Hex Girls cull directly from rock with a capital R, as originally demonstrated by the Velvet Underground and their acolytes.
— Max Allison, River Cities' Reader

Check out the full review below and read more from River Cities’ Reader Vol 26 Issue 963 here, or grab a print copy at your local newsstand.