Hex Girls - City of Rain [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“City of Rain” from Hex Girls’ debut album ‘More of That’ offers up a strain of soulful rock that culls from various far-flung traditions such as Max’s Kansas City-core proto-punk rock, Motown, and spoken word punky histrionics á la Gun Club. The song sketches out a dynamic pop narrative that moves from an almost ‘50s-ish skiffle backbeat out into a funky palm-muted guitar riff that carries enough swagger to hold our attention. The lead vocals channel Lou Reed’s half-spoken, manic diatribes, or the incensed rants of Iggy Pop, while creeping along at a vaguely funky, low volume whisper. Shades of beat poetry and charged Raymond Carver mundanity shine in the lyrics.
— Max Allison, River Cities' Reader

Hex Girls - City of Rain [TEASER]